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Pilot testing new marketing and operational strategies in specific stores or markets is a cost-effective way to gauge the potential of large strategy changes. The results of these tests are only trustworthy if the trial is properly designed and interpreted.

HRG’s Test Market Design and Evaluation tools help marketers determine the appropriate test structure and assess the outcome of testing implementable changes to the business. These analyses often include testing high/low spend, alternative marketing mix options, different messaging, or operational changes.

Our suite of test market tools answers questions such as:

  • Where and when should I run my test?
  • How do I find the right test and control groups?
  • What level of investment do I need to measure a statistically significant result?
  • What is the best flighting structure?
  • How strong was the sales lift from the test?


Unbiased evaluation is an essential element when assessing a company’s portfolio. HRG’s Portfolio Management analysis provides senior management with a quantitative, fact-based approach to evaluating businesses.

A portfolio management analysis uses a customized weighting process to evaluate business segments against company objectives. HRG’s tool determines which parts of the portfolio provide the largest opportunities to meet your goals and which pieces pose the highest risk.

The ultimate deliverable is the identification of opportunities for investments, reallocations, divestitures, and savings across markets, divisions, or categories.

Key benefits of HRG’s Portfolio Management analysis include:

  • Unbiased: ensures best practices and objective results by predetermining the action strategy
  • Comprehensive: number of factors taken into account is a function of performance measures routinely used to compare businesses
  • Flexible: factor importance can reflect a variety of business strategies
  • Actionable: new strategies can be implemented over time within organizational/political restraints
  • Updatable: once a template and tool are developed, data can be updated as needed


Optimizing trade funds requires a balance between company and customers as well as net sales and profit.

A common shortcoming in promotional pricing strategies is that they rarely consider the net sales elasticities of the promoted items.  HRG’s Trade Funds Management analysis is designed to find the best opportunities for a company to move trade funds into the promotions and customers that drive gains in net sales and profit while minimizing funds to those that decrease both.

HRG’s Trade Funds Management analysis answers questions such as:

  • How efficient are my trade funds right now?
  • What elements impact efficiency within an event type? Are there consistent factors across event types?
  • Which events are a win-win for my organization and our customers? Are there events that should be stopped?
  • What actions can I take to improve my trade funds efficiency?

Additional custom solutions we’ve designed for our clients include:

Management Consulting:

– Customer Segmentation
– Market Segmentation
– Exception Reporting
– Promotional Analysis
– Pricing Strategy Analysis
– Panel Data Analysis
– Supply Chain Optimization

Retail Operations:

– Rewards Program Evaluation
– Labor Hours Studies
– Co-Op Analysis
– Competitive Pressures Analysis
– Store Maturation Modeling
– Storefront Impact
– Location Analysis
– Inventory Analysis