Does Hudson River Group have a parent company or an affiliation to a marketing agency?

Hudson River Group is completely independent, which ensures that our recommendations are unbiased.

What verticals does Hudson River Group have experience in?

Hudson River Group pioneered the use of marketing measurement in many verticals and has experience in over 30 industries including retail, financial services, telecommunications, and packaged goods. HRG continues to work across a range of industries.

Does Hudson River Group use contractors or part-time staff to help complete client work?

No. All Hudson River Group employees are 100% full-time and we do not use contractors of any sort. All aspects of work are completed in our New York office – we do not offshore any work.

Why do I need an Integrated Marketing Measurement to measure marketing ROI?

In an environment that is impacted by many factors, only a multivariate technique such as Hudson River Group’s Integrated Marketing Measurement can determine how much each factor affects sales.

Can you measure the impact of online display support on our brick & mortar sales?

As is the case with other digital media, online display typically has a significant impact on Brick and Mortar sales. These cross-channel effects are quantified as part of any HRG IMM modeling effort.

Can Hudson River Group help us understand how the economy is impacting our business?

Economic factors are included in all Hudson River Group retail models. The economy has consistently been – negatively or positively – one of the more important external factors impacting historical sales growth.

We rely on attribution reporting for most digital media decisions. Why do we need Integrated Marketing Measurement?

As a relative (rather than absolute) tool, attribution analysis is valuable (e.g. gauging relative effectiveness of different search terms). However, in order to determine a digital medium’s incremental business impact and ROI on a comparable basis with traditional media, Hudson River Group’s IMM is the technique to rely on.

Can Hudson River Group give us guidance on media we haven’t previously used?

Hudson River Group provides guidance for how untried media are working for other Retail clients via the HRGPUM™ benchmark database. Alternatively, we work with clients to set up and evaluate in-market tests.

Can you tell us if we’ve hit a ceiling on how much we can spend behind a medium?

A standard Hudson River Group IMM output is an understanding of how the sales response of a particular medium changes over different levels of support and whether a point of diminishing return, or even saturation, has been reached.

Can we learn the incremental impact of regular price versus promotional messaging?

Hudson River Group provides tactical results for any medium (e.g. “Brand” books versus "Sale" books) where there is significant support behind each type to measure separately within the analyses.

Is my investment in newspapers (still) efficient?

Hudson River Group has helped many retailers through this transition period in newspapers to leverage modeling results to determine how much of their support should remain in ROP, Inserts, and other print media.

Do you incorporate the impact of natural disasters?

Hudson River Group maintains a database of extreme weather events (the timing and path of hurricanes, tornados, flooding and dust storms) that are tied to client stores/markets and considered in the modeling.