Client Results Portal

To aid decision-making, HRG model results are made available to clients in the form of our online reporting tool, HRGLive™. Key metrics include: ROI, Contribution, Source of Volume Change, and Source of ROI Change.

Within HRGLive™, clients can see every cross-section of results:

  • All marketing and baseline drivers
  • All channels and KPIs
  • All measured time periods

Planning and Optimization Tools

HRGLive™ contains several forward-looking predictive tools that are customized for the client and configured at the relevant level for planning. The Integrated Marketing Allocation Planner™ is a hybrid simulation/optimization tool that helps companies plan their budget and identify opportunities for profitable reallocation.

The Weekly Planning Aid enables tactical scenario planning, identifying weeks where the business is projected to be over- or under-supported based on current marketing plans and historically measured response curves. This tool can be used in conjunction with the Integrated Marketing Allocation Planner™ to fine-tune a period’s media plan.


“These insights blow away anything we’ve seen before.”



More than a data dump of numbers, we present our clients with the implications of all findings and include recommendations for management. These results address internal “hot topics”, highlight untapped opportunities, and guide future decision-making.

HRG’s recommendations go beyond the initial results delivery – they are a cornerstone of each analysis update as well. This makes the IMM analysis more than a report card; it becomes a means for engaging conversations and making strategic decisions on relevant questions.


Leveraging our forward-looking tools, HRG works alongside the client/agency team to develop optimization and planning scenarios. The collaborative scenario development process enables the team to focus on both short- and long-term goals while accounting for budget realities and cost changes. These scenarios create total performance projections by forecasting KPI growth, ROI, and key baseline drivers.


HRG’s Proprietary Universal Model, HRGPUM™, is an unparalleled database of results built on decades of analyses for retailers, financial services, packaged goods, and other B2C industries.

HRG’s benchmarks allow marketers to:

  • Compare results to relevant norms
  • Unlock media that previously haven’t been used
  • Assess the feasibility of new spend levels
  • Understand best practices (integration, data, etc.)
  • Get a jump on emerging trends