HRG’s Integrated Marketing Measurement™ (IMM) provides detailed measurements of what drives a business and how best to maximize the impact of our clients’ marketing spend, both strategically and tactically.

With Hudson River Group’s consulting acumen, IMM integrates:

  • Complex, cross-channel effects of all marketing types
  • Impacts of key operational changes
  • External factors such as local weather, econometrics, and competitors
  • Insights from multi-touch attribution

For marketers aiming to incorporate marketing mix modeling and attribution of sales, Integrated Marketing Measurement™ provides the comprehensive solution.

“This is the closest thing to full incremental attribution I’ve come across.”



How much incremental revenue is marketing driving? What is the ROI of each marketing activity? What is the optimal marketing mix to achieve my company’s goals?

Today’s marketers face tough questions in determining how to leverage marketing investment to profitably grow sales. This requires simultaneously looking across all marketing factors to understand individual drivers and how they interact as part of a complex marketing plan.


Operational decisions can influence a company’s ability to reach sales goals. Changes in labor hours, store opens and closes, and strategic pricing initiatives can all impact a consumer’s experience and likelihood to purchase.

The inclusion of such drivers is critical to establishing a stable model that allows for the accurate measurement of marketing. Incorporating the appropriate operational drivers for measurement is a key element of HRG’s tailored marketing mix models.


Though they cannot be controlled, external influences such as industry trends, competition, economic factors, and weather cause some of the largest impacts on business performance.

Knowing how insulated (or exposed) your business is to such influences provides insights into sales performance, how to manage changes in it, and build recommendations for marketing around it.

Most Accurate Measurement of Incremental Sales

Our comprehensive, full business driver approach yields maximum confidence in the media measurements. IMM delivers the knowledge and tools to positively impact KPI performance through changes to marketing and operations, supported by:

  • True incrementality of each media
  • Source of marketing impact by channel
  • Elasticity of operational and uncontrollable factors
  • Indirect and halo impacts from marketing, traffic, cross-channel purchases, and more

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